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How to apply textures to 3D models in 3D Click

How to add annotations onto a 3D model in 3D Click

How to Create Camera Animations in 3D Click

How can I personalise a 3D object?

Take a look at Tutorial 1 - Customising a package

How do I share my projects?

Find out with Tutorial 2 - Share your project

How can I print an object in 3D?

Find out by watching Tutorial 3 - 3D Printing

How can I add annotations?

Here’s how: Tutorial 4 - Annotations

How can I view my presentation in augmented reality?

Take a look at Tutorial 5 - Augmented reality

How do I create a company catalogue?

All is explained in Tutorial 6 - Company catalogues

How does the Agency plan work?

Have a look at Tutorial 7 - Agency plan

How does the Enterprise plan work?

Find out out by watching Tutorial 8 - Enterprise plan

How can I animate my project?

Learn with Tutorial 9 - Animations


What happens with my data after removing my account?

In 3dClick we care about privacy.

When you delete your profile, all shared resources will not be deleted (eg: shared files with other users) but all your personal information will be erased from database.

I'll receive emails everytime someone clicks to follow me?

Yes, but you can change it in the privacy settings by opening your profile information.

If you uncheck the box "Accept to receive notifications of actions of other profiles on your" you'll not receive any information in your email regarding social activity of 3dClick.

Does 3dClick sends regular emails to my inbox with comercial/corporative info?

Yes, we want to stay in touch with all community by email, but you can always change that behaviour by unchecking the option "Accept to receive commercial information 3dClick or its partners sent to your email" at the privacy setting in your profile info.

What is the level of security when buying in the marketplace?

We're using 2Checkout as payment gateway that provides Paypal and the most common credit cards. 

2Checkout meets the highest level PCI Compliance. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard was developed to protect consumers and their data no matter where they shop or what channel they use. Careless online sellers can ruin the trust that a consumer requires to feel comfortable and confident shopping online.

2Checkout is PCI Level 1 certified - the highest level certification possible. Our redundant data centers store and encrypt millions of credit card accounts so you can focus on your business and not on credit card security.

3D Builder

Can I create a 3D model in 3D Click?

No, you cannot create a 3D model, you can only combine basic or complex shapes (by grouping them) but 3D Click is not a 3D creation tool.

How many models can I upload to 3D Click?

You can upload several models, but this amount is variable and depends on your chosen plan. Click HERE to check our pricing & plans.

Can I upload my own 3D models?

Yes, of course, you’ve got your own cloud space within the 3D Click servers. This means you can upload all the media files you want to use in your 3D Click’s presentations, manuals & product catalogues.

How many textures can I place over a 3D Model?

In 3DClick we don't limit the number of textures you can place, so you can go all out on the number of textures on your model.

What kind of 3D formats are supported by 3D Click?

Right now we accept the following file formats: .stl, .dae & .obj (we strongly recommend the latter).

What 3D Creation software do you recommend?

We strongly recommend ‘Blender’ for two main reasons:

  • It’s Open Source;
  • It works very well with our 3D Engine.
What kind of image/texture file formats are accepted in 3D Click?

We currently accept the following file formats: .jpeg, .png, .gif (animated ones are not working for textures right now).

How many annotations can I create?

You can create and add as many annotations as you want.

What is the maximum 3D file weight that can be uploaded to 3D Click?

Due web AR constraints the maximum size for 3D files is 16 MB.

Can I move, delete and add lighting?

Yes, by changing to the advanced light settings, found on the ‘3D’ tab.

Can I change the pivot of an object?

No, the pivot is always in the centre.

Can I enlarge and reduce the size of the object?

Yes, by moving the cube icon at the top of the object. The object will enlarge and minimise according to its determined proportions, and on every axis simultaneously.

Can I select several objects at the same time?

Yes, either hold down the Ctrl key and click on each object; or hold the Shift key and click and drag the mouse to create a box around the objects you want to select.

Can I select different parts of the model?

Yes, just double click each part if the model is made up of different objects.

Can I move objects to other layers?

Yes, right click on the model or models that you wish to move, choose ‘Move to’ and there you can choose to move the object to an existing layer or create a new one.


Can I change the background colour or add an image as the background?

Yes, in the blue ‘Presentation’ tab, click on Background and there you can choose any colour or upload an image.

Can I make a copy of my project?

Yes, just click ‘Save As’ from the top menu.

Can I make it so that the camera appears from a specific viewpoint with each slide?

Yes, all you need to do is move the camera view to the desired viewpoint and click to add a keyframe.

Can I set an image as a preview of my project?

Yes, in the sidebar menu choose ‘Presentation’, and add a thumbnail. You can do this by taking a snapshot of your project or by uploading an image.


Can I animate several objects at the same time?

Yes, right-click on all of the objects, choose ‘group’. Then animate the objects as a whole group.


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