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Getting Active and Intelligent in Amsterdam

AIPIA Exhibition & Conference

Published: 6 November 2017Page Views: 2043

3D Click had a fabulous couple of days in Amsterdam. Debora and Javi have been meeting and sharing ideas with smart innovators from all over the world at the AIPIA congress 2017. Over 150 packaging experts gathered on the 2nd and 3rd of November to delve into active and intelligent packaging, and we have left feeling inspired!


Smart labels made a big impression on the congress, with best-before date stickers bringing an interactivity between product and consumer in order to reduce food waste. These types of labels have wide possibilities in promoting sustainability. Similarly, heat sensitive labels were displayed which help distributors to ensure cold or hot products arrive to their destination within their safe temperature guidelines.

It was very interesting to hear from Absolut about how they use data from their consumers’ social media profiles in order to find out about their interests and apply these findings to their packaging designs.


3D Click were showing how crucial it is to harness smart PROCESSES alongside active and intelligent packaging. Our collaborative online platform enables everyone in the packaging supply chain to significantly reduce the time to market through virtual prototyping, sharing and modification. We take advantage of the augmented reality possibilities available to the packaging industry, by allowing users to view their packages directly at the point of sale. Find out more about using augmented reality in your packaging design below.

Getting Active and Intelligent in Amsterdam

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